I spent several years as a high school English, ESL and Special Needs teacher.  I now teach creative writing workshops everywhere – from jails, schools, community centres and universities, to writers’ festivals and writers’ centres. I

I currently primarily work as a Lecturer in Creative Writing at Western Sydney University. I’m happy to tailor a workshop to your school or group’s needs but here are a selection of my most popular workshops:

Incredible Stories Talk (approximately 1 hour)

An engaging and interactive talk about writing The Incredible Here and Now.

Powerful Images Workshop (approximately 2 hours)

Students learn to turn the things they see every day into powerful vignettes by focussing on imagery and voice.

Me and My Place Workshop (approximately 4 hours)

This workshop encourages students to write about their world by examining the community they live in. Students will consider the techniques used by writers to convey ‘a sense of place’ and learn how to apply these to their own writing.

Extension II Workshop (varies)

Students workshop their Extension II pieces with professional writer and experienced Extension II marker and teacher, Felicity Castagna.

Teaching Creative Writing (full day)

Teachers take a close look at how creative writing fits into The Australian Curriculum as well as what the research says about best practice in creative writing at the high school level. In addition, teachers will learn plenty of fun and practical creative writing activities to get their junior students engaged and take their senior students to a more advanced level.

Storytelling through pictures and play (varies)

This workshop is for primary school students to learn the basic elements of narrative by drawing, acting and using photographs and found objects as stimuli to tell their own stories about themselves and their place.

Here is a free teacher’s booklet on Writing a Sense of Place

Contact me at: fhcastagna@gmail.com