About Me

I’ve always been really interested in writing that has a focus on place. I guess this is because I’ve moved around a lot in my life before moving to Parramatta permanently over fifteen years ago.  

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I spent several years as a high school English, ESL and Special Needs teacher.  I now teach creative writing workshops everywhere – from jails, schools, community centres and universities, to writers’ festivals and writers’ centres. I

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No More Boats was a finalist in The Miles Franklin, The NSW Premier’s Literary Awards and The Voss Prize.

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What I’m Writing Now

Right now I’m working on lots and lots of things including a few stories for anthologies that are due out next year and two new YA books!  The first book I’m working on is called The Girls. It’s the story of two girls who steal a car from one of their boyfriends and go on a road trip. The second YA I’m cowriting with the amazing Sheila Pham and Faith Chaza. It’s a novel about a party gone wrong, told from three different perspectives.

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